Where To Buy An AMC NFT?

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After AMC Theaters announced the release of their first-ever NFTs, the company found that they had been a hit with fans. Consequently, the movie theater company decided to release another round of NFTs for their investors. But is it possible to buy an AMC NFT?

Who Received The NFTs?

At the time the second round of NFTs was released, AMC announced that only shareholders in the company would receive an AMC NFT. These NFTs would be issued on the WAX Blockchain, and will feature the phrase “I Own AMC.”

For those holding the NFTs, there are some discounts and other benefits that they can expect to receive from the company. These NFTs can be publicly traded on secondary marketplaces. For each transaction made from the NFTs, AMC gets to collect a small royalty.

Every investor in AMC will get an NFT free. Those shareholders that are not part of the AMC Connect network, were advised to sign up for Investor Connect by December 31, 2021.

Doing so would grant them access to the NFTs. According to AMC, these NFTs were issued in the US and other nations where it was legal and practical to do so. Email invitations for these NFTs were sent out on January 31, 2022.

According to AMC, there are over 425,000 people that are part of the AMC Investor Connect program.

Why Do So Many People Want An AMC NFT?

The AMC Investor Connect program launched in June 2021. Since then, various rewards have been rolled out, including free concession items, early movie screenings, and more.

There are other loyalty programs offered by AMC, which could soon have NFTs added. According to the company’s CEO, they plan to add more NFTs in the future.

In its first NFT issuance, AMC partnered with Sony Pictures to issue 86,000 NFTs. They then commissioned a studio to come up with 100 unique themes for the NFTs.

The demand for these tickets was so high that movie ticket sales sites crashed. AMC made history as the first-ever movie theater company to launch NFTs.

Where To Find An AMC NFT

Since AMC issued its first NFTs, the company went to issue a second batch of NFTs. What is interesting about all of AMC’s NFTs is that the company has never sold them. Instead, fans just need to have an interaction with the company, and they qualify for the NFTs.

If you want to receive an AMC NFT, the best way would be to keep up with announcements made by the company.

Additionally, one should consider searching for AMC’s NFTs on secondary marketplaces. This is because all the NFTs issued by AMC can be sold on secondary marketplaces. A good place to look is on the AtomicHub NFT marketplace. If you do manage to acquire these NFTs, you can hold them and hope their price rises immediately, or sell them immediately.


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