Where Can I Buy A Joe Rogan NFT?

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Joe Rogan does not own an NFT. However, in December 2021, the podcaster invited famous digital artist Beeple, with whom they discussed NFTs. During the show, the digital artist gave Joe Rogan an NFT. But does a true Joe Rogan NFT exist?

Beeple Gifts Joe Rogan an NFT

During an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience show, Beeple gifted Joe Rogan an NFT image of Elon Musk in his underwear. In the image, Musk is depicted taking a DogeCoin for a walk in a futuristic park.

When Joe Rogan opened the gift, he exclaimed that Musk would hit the gym when he saw it.

Musk was depicted looking like the famous Marvel character The Hulk, who is well known for his huge muscles.

The NFT Collection

Beeple revealed that the NFT he gifted Rogan was part of a collection inspired by Musk and contains 100 art pieces. He revealed that Rogan has received the 61st NFT in the collection, which is called Everydays.

Beeple and NFTs

Beeple, who is also called Mike Winklemann, has risen to popularity in recent years after an NFT he made sold for $69 million. To date, it remains the most expensive NFT ever sold.

Besides the $69 million NFT, Beeple also sold a life-sized NFT sculpture for $29 million. In short, Beeple might be the most successful digital artist in the world.

Besides the NFT gift to Joe Rogan, Beeple also gave Elon Musk a similar gift when he met him in Basel. Musk was at the exclusive Art Basel Miami international art fair in December 2021. The gift also comes with a sample of Beeple’s hair, which he explained: “goes on the base there”.

Where to Buy the NFT

AS already explained by Beeple, Joe Rogan did not receive an NFT. Instead, Beeple gifted him the physical representation of the NFT. It is not clear if Beeple also gifted Rogan an NFT along with the physical gift.

However, the physical representation was quite impressive, and Rogan said the visual was amazing. For those who are interested in buying the Beeple NFTs, it is still possible to do so. These NFTs are on sale on OpenSea.

One benefit of buying a Beeple NFT is that the digital artist is already quite popular.

As a result, demand for his NFT collection is likely to continue rising as his fame grows. It is also worth noting that Beeple, being a digital artist, could still release more NFT collections.

When that happens, it would be a good idea to buy early, since their value could rise astronomically with time.

Beeple indicated during his appearance on the show that he would keep releasing a new art piece for his Everyday collection at the rate of one a day for the rest of his life. That collection can be found on OpenSea too.


Thus far, Joe Rogan has not launched an NFT collection.

However, he did invite Beeple to his show to discuss his digital art and NFT collection. It is not clear if Rogan plans to sell the gift Beeple gave him or he plans to keep it.


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