Top 5 Psychedelic NFTs

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Proponents of psychedelics view them as a possible alternative treatment method for the many meal health issues that plague society today. For instance, they point to anecdotal evidence, which shows psychedelics could help to treat depression, anxiety, and PTSD. One of the best ways to spread the word and get support for research into this area is NFTs. Thus far, quite a few psychedelic projects in the NFT space have enjoyed significant success. Here is a list of the top 5 psychedelic NFTs that are worth knowing about.

Psychedelics Anonymous

Psychedelics Anonymous is a recent NFT project, whose goal is to spread the word regarding psychedelics as a possible alternative treatment option for mental health issues. The project’s founders have an extensive roadmap as well as a site that goes out of its way to show how it is unique. The project promises utility for its collection.

This utility comes in the form of professional counseling for the community, fitness clubs, metaverse events, merchandise, and more. A major component of this project is donations to organizations that offer psychedelic therapy to people with mental health issues.

There are four collections created by Psychedelic Anonymous, which are the Genesis PFP NFTs, Metaverse Pass, IRL Pass, and Component #1.

Psychedelic Heads

Psychedelic Heads is another unique project on the Ethereum blockchain. They are a unique collection of single edition 1/1 NFTs. The project was inspired by 3D Punks. As the name suggests, the collection comprises trippy robot heads, each of which is professionally designed. In total, there are only 125 NFTs created for this project.

Psychedelic Art NFT

Psychedelic Art NFT is a collection of 100 trippy NFTs art pieces. The artwork is quite mind-bending and includes animated gifs, which cause a stir in one’s mind and produce an emotive response. It is one of the trippiest NFT collections in the psychedelic NFT space.  

Psychedelic NFT Art

Psychedelic NFT Art is another unique collection of NFTs. The NFT art is designed to change a person’s percent, mood, and cognitive process. They are designed to impact all the senses of time and emotions. All the pieces in this collection are 1/1.

Galaktic Gang

These Galaktic Gang NFTs are part of a metaverse called Galaktic Gang. In total, there are 5555 trippy NFT art pieces, each of which comes with unique attributes. Owning an NFT in this collection gives holders unique rights while also participating in a unique and interesting community. One of the benefits is that holders get access to exclusive merchandise. Additionally, holders can claim NFTs in future airdrops.


Participating in an NFT space is one of the trendiest things online. Psychedelics, which have for years had their reputation tarnished and harsh penalties imposed, could gain popularity via NFTs.

By creating trippy NFTs with a connection to psychedelics, it could help spread the word about the potential benefits they have. Besides that, these NFTs are unique and interesting, just like the NFT space itself. Additionally, they are open for anyone to try.


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