Where Can You Buy An Adidas NFT?

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Adidas announced its entry into the metaverse in November 2021, when it revealed that it had partnered with The Sandbox Metaverse. Since then, the global sportswear manufacturer has gone on to release an NFT collection. Now millions of Americans are wondering where to buy an Adidas NFT.

About the Adidas NFT Collection

In December 2021, Adidas announced the release of a project called Adidas Into The Metaverse NFT project. The company plans to use the project to allow fans of the brand to access physical and digital products and experiences.

The project was made possible by a collaboration involving Adidas, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punk Comics, and GMoney, the famous crypto investor. Those who buy NFTs in the collection get access to special offers, such as special edition hoodies. In essence, the NFTs acted as a sort of unique pre-order for clothes.

The sale went live on December 17, 2021, with each NFT costing 0.2 ETH. In total, 30,000 NFTs were up for sale, with 20,000 being put up for early access to owners of the Adidas Originals tokens, GMoney tokens, Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs, Pixel Vault NFTs, and the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. All of the NFTs had been sold within an hour of the sale going live.

Those who bought the NFTs would get access to four physical products at no extra cost. Additionally, the NFTs would grant holders special access to virtual events in the Metaverse through 2022, and beyond.

Buyers of the NFTs would receive, the iconic adicolor Firebird tracksuit, a graphic hood, and the icon GMoney orange beanie.

Where To Buy An Adidas NFT               

As mentioned above, the NFTs were released as part of a special collaboration, and they sold out within one hour. As a result, the only way to access those NFTs is via secondary sales by those who bought the original collection.

Luckily, Adidas had already thought about the secondary market sales. On the same day that the collection went live, the secondary market for the NFTs went live on OpenSea. Since the initial sale, the price of the NFTs has increased significantly, and they now have a flour price of 1.199 ETH.

Will Adidas Release More NFTs

With the success of the first NFT sale from Adidas, many are wondering whether there will be another sale. Thus far, Adidas has not made any reports about a second NFT collections sale. However, on the site for the original NFT collection, the company stated that “this is just the beginning.”

Consequently, we can expect a new sale to be announced by the giant sportswear brand soon.

The company’s entry into the NFT space has proven quite a success for them. For one, it allows them to connect with the younger crowd, who are the future of any sportswear brand. Launching NFTs allows the company to generate conversations regarding the brand amongst the right target audience.

Other fashion companies will also no doubt be looking to the success of Adidas and pulling off a similar release.

If you are not able to buy an Adidas NFT, you can always try your luck with another apparel brand, when they announce an NFT collection.


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