Baby Doodles NFT Explained

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Upon its launch in 2021, the Baby Doodles NFT project had gained quite a following. It comprises colorful line-drawn characters, which went on to do quite well in terms of sales volume and popularity.

The Origins of the Project

The Baby Doodles NFT project traces its origins to the Doodles NFT project. According to the team behind it, when two Doodles NFTs make love, the outcome is Baby Doodles. There are currently just 5000 babies in the collection, who are looking for their parents.

What Is The Baby Doodles NFT Project?

The Doodles NFT collection comprises 10,000 NFTs created by a trio of developers. Before they began work on the project, the trio was already well-known in the NFT community, where they go by the pseudonyms Tulip, Burnt Toast, and Poopie. They first came to fame via the CRyptoKitties NFT project in 2017.

Doodles Comprise original art with each piece having unique visual traits. However, the project follows the footsteps of projects like Bored Apes, and CryptoPunks. To achieve the huge collection, it mixes and matches individual traits to create the full collection.

With Doodle, there are cats, pickles, apes, humans, aliens, and more. As with the case with generative NFTs, the Doodle NFTs have varying degrees of rarity.

On their launch date of October 17, 2021, the Doodles NFTs had a price of 0.123 ETH per mint. At the time, the price was still quite high. To increase the exclusivity of the project, the team closed the Discord page when there were just 1000 members in it.

Community around Doodles

Since the launch of Doodles, a huge community has been built around it. The first step was to re-open the Discord server to more collectors. Soon after, many NFT influencers and celebrities would join Doodles as collectors.

When many avatar-based projects market themselves as community-centered, Doodles succeeded in that area. It empowered the community, with things such as giving the community a vote in all decisions via a voting system.

Space Doodles

With the success of the first Doodles Collection, the team began work on Space Doodles, which is a collection with links to the Doodles project. This collection will allow existing holders of the Doodles NFTs to swap them for the new Space Doodles.

Baby Doodles Explained

Baby Doodles like most other copycat Doodles collections has no official links to the Doodles collection. There is even speculation that Baby Doodles might have been a scam all along.

There had already been speculation that Baby Doodles was a rug pool, a claim which was denied by the project via its Twitter account. However, those claims are hard to dismiss seeing as the project has been silent on social media since November 2021. Another indication of this fact is that the site associated with the project has gone down.


If anyone is interested in investing in a Doodles collection, the safest option would be the original Doodles collection. The reason for this is that the team behind it is well known, and they regularly update the community regarding any developments.


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