Where To Buy A Tom Brady NFT

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In July 2021, Tom Brady announced he had co-founded Autograph, a platform that lets celebs launch NFTs. In January, it was revealed that the startup had raised $170 million in a Series B funding round. And with that, many were looking to buy a Tom Brady NFT of any sort. Whether it was an image of him or one he invested in.

Brady and the Crypto Sector

Brady has been a major proponent of the crypto industry in the recent past. On his Twitter profile, he dons ‘laser eyes,’ which is used by many crypto proponents to show their support for crypto. The star quarterback has invested quite a bit in the crypto sector. For instance, he has a stake in the FTX exchange. Additionally, he also sits on the board of Autograph. In 2021, Brady announced that he had launched an NFT collection, which sold out in minutes.

About Tom Bray’s NFTs

Tom Brady’s NFT collection dubbed the Tom Brady Origins NFT collection went on sale on December 9, 2021.

The collection sold out in under 10 minutes for $1.3 million. These NFTs were sold on the Autograph NFT platform, which he co-founded with the father-son duo of Richard Rosenblatt and Dillon Rosenblatt.

 As is implied in the name of the collection, it showcases some of the memorabilia which marked Brady’s career in the NFL.

There are 16,600 NFTs in the collection, which were stored in mystery boxes. Each NFT went on sale for $80 during the initial sale. Buyers had no idea which NFT they had bought, and they only found out on December 14, 2021.

Where to Buy the NFTs

While Tom Brady sold out all his NFTs during the initial sale, it is still possible to buy a Tom Brady NFT. If you are interested in buying a Tom Bray NFT from the collection, you will have to visit the Autograph NFT platform.

This platform is focused on the tokenization and sale of memorabilia from celebs and athletes. The platform is hosted on the DraftKings NFT marketplace. As such those who wish to purchase Brady’s NFTs will need to navigate through the DraftKings NFT Marketplace website.

One important point is that DraftKings is only accessible to people living in the US or Canada. Additionally, users have to register and verify their DraftKings account to purchase NFTs. Once the account has been set up, you can deposit funds in fiat using one of the supported options. Numerous options are supported for making deposits on the platform. They include:


Online banking

Credit/ Debit cards

Electronic gift cards

DraftKings gift cards

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Tom Brady NFT?

The initial sale for the NFTs was $80. However, the price is not set by market forces. There is no upper limit to how expensive one of these NFTs can become. Since Tom Brady is a major star, with one of the longest careers in the NFL to date, his NFT collection will likely continue to appreciate for years to come.

Thus far, some of the NFTs in the collection have seen their price appreciate to over $200. However, as more buyers reveal their NFTs, and the rarest NFTs are finally discovered, prices could skyrocket. It is worth noting that there is a 15% fee, which is deducted from the seller for each sale.


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