What Is Babies Of Gods NFTs?

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Babies of Gods NFTs project, which is based on a fantastical metaverse. The entire project is built around a mystical timeless galaxy, where there exists a secret world. In this world, the Babies of Gods NFTs characters are born, where they can turn good or evil by drinking ‘ambrosia.’

However, this drink can only be served in the presence of all the Babies of Gods, who have unfortunately been lost to each other.

As a member of the Babies of God, the goal is to reunite to successfully undergo the ritual of the secret drink to discover their true nature; whether they are good or evil.

In the second phase of this NFT project, the Babies of Gods will grow into visually stunning 3D creations. Those holding BOG NFTs will get huge benefits when this second phase launches.

Project Roadmap

There are various milestones planned for the Babies of Gods (BOG) project. They include:

3D Gods

BOG is working on 3D versions of the NFT characters, which will be released in the second phase of the project.  Those already holding BOG NFTs will gain access to huge benefits.

Support For Startups

BOGs was created by a team of developers with an entrepreneurial spirit, whose desire is to see everyone grow with them. Everyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea to the team, who will pick the best ones and fund them.

Their focus is on ideas that will have a positive impact on humanity, bring innovative technology, and support the future of the blockchain-based metaverse. The BOG community will also have a say in what projects the team will invest in.


The research team at BOG is already working on a concept for an Education University in the metaverse.

This university will offer opportunities for serious learners to connect with others from around the world, which will increase knowledge of the blockchain metaverse.

Serve Humanity

The team will establish a $50,000 charity Fund, which will go towards humanitarian work.

Additionally, 10% of the secondary sales profits will go to Khalsa Aid every month. Khalsa Aid is an international NGO, which aims to offer humanitarian aid in disaster zones and civil conflict zones globally.

Grow The Babies Of Gods NFTs Community

The team has spent nearly $150K on the marketing of this project. They plan to use nearly $1 million in the future and make this a legendary and sensational project.

The community will have a voice in this project, and they can come up with new ideas, and suggestions on how to make BOG succeed. Polls are conducted each month on the discord channel, to ensure that the views of the community are incorporated in the development of the project.


Once the discord channel gets to 100K members, the team has planned a special giveaway. Thus, everyone is encouraged to join the discord channel. More details of this plan will be shared via discord. According to the team, it is going to be a hilarious ride for everyone involved in the project.


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