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Is It Worth Checking Out Lazy Lions NFTs?

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The Lazy Lions NFTs were released on August 7, 2021. At the time of their release, the NFTs were quite popular. Thus far, they have retained most of their popularity and value. The collection is secured using the Ethereum blockchain, and the NFTs can be bought on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Details of the Collection

Lazy Lions NFTs were released as an NFT collection, which comprises lions in different styles. There are 10,000 Lazy Lions in the collection with each lion in the collection having unique traits.

The collection was created by a group of Australian nations as a collaborative venture during the COVID9 lockdown. Their price peaked on October 11, 2021, when one of the lions in the collection, sold for 99 ETH, or $350,000 at the time.

Are they Still Worth Checking Out?

While Lazy Lions NFTs have been around for a while, they are still worth checking out. Here is why:

The Lazy Lions NFTs are part of the Private Island metaverse. Those behind this collection are committed to bringing all the possibilities of the metaverse to the world.

Buying a Lazy Lions NFT gives holders access to each metaverse the community joins. Holders of these NFTs also get to be part of the ROARwards program. This program offers rewards to anyone who participates in the community.

The program will continue to evolve as it looks for new ways to reward members with more benefits.

Another benefit of owning Lazy Lions NFTs is that you own full commercial rights to them. You can print and sell merchandise, use it in ads, or star in a show with your Lazy Lions NFT.

Additionally, the Lazy Lions come in high resolution of 10,000px by 10,000px JPEGs. It ensures that holders can print high-quality copies of the NFTs for use in large-scale print or displays. Holders of these NFTs also have a voice in the direction of this project. For instance, they can participate in the AMAs with the developers and be part of a formalized voting system.

Finally, you will be eligible for future airdrops as well as other prizes if you hold Lazy Lions NFTs. For instance, holders of these NFTs have in the past received the Lazy Lions Bungalows NFTs as well as the Lazy Halloween tokens.

How to Buy Lazy Lions NFTs

To purchase Lazy Lions NFTs, you will need to visit the OpenSea NFT Marketplace.

Thus far, the average selling price for each NFT in the collection is 1.7232 ETH, or $4394.88. To buy NFTs on OpenSea, you must first fund your account with crypto. On OpenSea, the most convenient crypto coin to use in Ether.

Once you fund your OpenSea wallet with ETH, find the Lazy Lions NFT that you like and click on “Buy Now.” You will see the total cost, which includes the transaction fee. Once you make the purchase, ensure that you approve the purchase in your MetaMask wallet. When buying NFTs on OpenSea, always ensure that you have enough funds to cover the purchase price as well as the fees, including gas fees.



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