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How To Get A Free NFT

how to get a free nft

The NFT has already become popular in the crypto world as people see a vision of getting wealthy with this. As many people around have sold their NFTs for millions of dollars. But the natural temptation of people is how to get a free NFT because it’s a dream of every person to earn high in low investment.

With the growing popularity of NFT, there are several aspects of its distribution coming into existence. Half of them involve the free minting of NFTs, and others use the concept of allocating free NFTs in the form of rewards.

It is possible that you can get free NFT; yes, you heard it right. Although, it is essential to benefit from the new opportunities and not get mugged by any scammer. As the market grows, the rate of scams increases, so always remember to use a method that minimizes your risk of getting mugged.

how to get a free nft

And these are now very famous among the celebrities as said, “If you are an artist and still don’t use NFTs, you are potentially missing millions of dollars.”

What Is An NFT

NFT is the hottest trend in the digital market at this very moment. People are getting interested in it more than in cryptocurrency. The same craze has been seen in the people who were for crypto before.

Here is a blockchain that acts as a ledger with the help of which one can verify and identify whether this NFT is well authorized or not.

Every other NFT is different from another one, or you can say that each NFT is rare. The most beneficial thing about it is that, unlike other digital items, it can be created endlessly.

NFT can be bought and viewed by anyone using cryptocurrencies, but there is the twist that its official ownership belongs to the buyer. It’s not wrong to say that “NFT is the certification of ownership of the digital file.”

The NFT market has constantly been growing; one of the famous NFTs is digital art, virtual plots of land, and various things that you use in games.

How To Get A Free NFT

There are various ways of getting a free NFT; the one way to get a free NFT is by playing games; yes, you heard right. Now it is possible to earn while playing; there are many other ways.

how to get a free nft

You can make NFT by minting them; along with these, you get rewards for your regular participation in gaming activities like Alien Worlds. It is the same when you shop something from the same store repeatedly, and they give you loyalty coupons for being their regular customers.

Now take a look at the ways from where you can get free NFTs:

Get Free NFTs From Playing Games

By signing up for NFT based computer games, you get the chance to earn free NFTs. You will find several games specially designed for the active trading of NFTs. In other words, you can say that this is one of the most acceptable uses of NFTs.

The reason behind it is that the items you get here have direct use in the game. If you get to know its proper use, there is the possibility of getting higher economic growth in the future. “It is the form of the digital ledger” Sorare and Footballcoin are some of those games that work in this way. 

Users can collect NFTs and get free cards to start the game or use these cards to earn cryptocurrencies. The games like Alien Worlds and Farmers World serve the opportunities to the gamers where they can earn free NFTs. 

NFT giveaways

Usually, a maximum of the NFT project serve their users with rewards that involve free digital items. Here we can take an example where the discord communities within the NFT space provide free NFTs to their members. Or not forget social media, where you can get information about such giveaways from Telegram and Twitter.

On social media, you will get to see several posts dedicated to promoting NFT, like “Start the day with coffee. End the day with NFTs”. 

On Twitter, you must have seen some companies that announce giveaways from where you can get NFTs; keep an eye on the hashtags that say ‘NFT.’ By focusing on these hashtags, there will be high chances of you winning huge giveaways.

NFT airdrops

It is the traditional way for companies to raise their capital by offering their stocks to the public. This is the way that is similarly used by the organizations where they launch their token for the buying and selling purpose of the NFTs. Airdrops are many times involved in the token launches with it.

However, airdrops are not peculiar; they often spread over so many years. Its main intention is to encourage people to keep their tokens and purchase more. While the amount of some tokens becomes high with time, and some will fade away.

NFT breeding

This is more similar to those old-school pet games, where some of the projects encourage their users to purchase more and more NFTs. The projects like Cryptokitties or Axie Infinity consider this as the breeding as both of these projects are tremendously famous. 

  • In CryptoKitties, users look for the two NFTs that represent the kitties and then wait for the third kitty (NFT) to reproduce. 
  • In Axis Infinity, breeding involves producing a new egg and then hatching it.
  • The primary purpose is to Axis with potential traits, which includes card’s class. To get a new offspring, users can breed two of their Axis.

It is the whole process that involves breeding to get a free NFT. An owner with two of them, whether it’s a CryptoKitties or Axis Infinity, will breed to produce another one for you that is eventually a free one for you to have. 

Conclusion: There is no doubt that NFT will do great in the digital market, even beyond your imagination. And I hope this article will help you know how to get a free NFT. It is also essential for you to know about the profit you get in this market.

One way to do this is by considering getting free NFTs. For further details, you can take help from INFERNO NFT, where you get information about how to get started.



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